My Nine Practical Tips on How to Cure PE

1. Accept that you can't fix it today. It will take 3 - 12 months minimum.

2. Stretch your pelvic floor. It's too tight and you need to get rid of the tension. The extended child's pose is effective. Also, download the app "Splits Training" and do the program every morning. No skipping.

3. Do your kegels and reverse kegels. You need to learn to control your PC muscle. It's like your chest muscles. If you practice enough you can flex and relax them too.

4. Calm your breathing during sex. Breath in your stomach, not your chest. Practice this while masturbating.

5. Learn about how your arousal behaves. You need to be able to tell on a scale from 1 to 10 where you currently are. You need this awareness to master your stamina. Pay attention during sex and masturbation.

6. Stop being ashamed of it. Lots of dudes have this problem. I am more than surprised that this community has only 10k members. There are millions just like you.

7. Tell your sexual partners about it. You can get them off with your hands or mouth. It's much easier for them to orgasm from that anyways.

8. Be consistent. You are now excited about changing things. How's your sentiment in a week or a month without any measurable progress? Keep at it and trust the process. You won't see any improvement in the first 60 days. Don't be discouraged.

9. Fuck a lot. Even if you come fast. It doesn't matter. You came fast the last 100 times, so the next 100 times don't matter either. You can't expect to get better if you don't practice.

10. Try to use the fleshlight to control eja and beat yourself.

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