I've overcome my PE and fixed my sex life in a year

 I've overcome my PE by trying everything I can for a year.

Okay, guys, it literally feels surreal right now, but a year and a half ago I had massive PE problems and very bad sex life. I was 3 years together with my girlfriend. We had something similar to sex once a month, but it was very quick (1-3 frictions, and I'm done) and we both felt awful. She was not satisfied with that at all and she didn't like me masturbating her vagina. I felt like shit, we both had massive insecurities about our sex life, and this tainted our relationship. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't last long, even when I masturbated alone. I even got a "PE that cannot be cured" diagnosis of a urologist which fucking killed some part of me that day.

I got very angry and started looking for help online. I read a lot of "wow, I'm finally cured" stories at this subreddit, so I started thinking about going all in about fixing PE, and then, if I can't do it - so be it, I'll try to just live with that. So let's go. Here are my steps for curing my PE.

  1. I went to a psychologist who specialized in sex (maybe you can call him a sexologist), we were talking with him for like 2-3 months about sex and about my bottled-up emotions. The psychiatrist helped me a lot in life in general, and with my sex life, he helped me to start talking about my sex without any hesitation and shame. I discovered that sex was forbidden and hidden and kinda banned in my family. So I grew very sneaky and ashamed about it.

  2. I went to a urologist and got my "PE that cannot be cured" diagnosis. Got very upset about it and started feeling like an invalid person. But at least he told me that I have no physical sex disorders. He told me that my nerves are just more sensitive than the nerves of other people, and then he recommended me some pills and special condoms. Fuck.

  3. I tried condoms that make you last longer. Didn't work. Fuck.

  1. I tried POXET-60 pills (they claim to cure PE and make you last longer in bed). Didn't work. And I felt very sleepy with them. Fuck.

  2. I researched the hell out of many articles and PE, I wanted to become semi-professional in sex and to learn from other people.

  3. I started exercising with a fitness coach 2 times a week.

  4. I started my Training from this tools. Thx a lot, Tech-Dick. This was the point of no return. Basically, I quit porn and started masturbating without ejaculation every day, started exploring myself and my sensations. Only 1 ejaculation a week was allowed. My idea was that if I can last 10 minutes masturbating, then I could last 10 minutes in bed. The main problem was that I couldn't last even a minute masturbating. So by starting masturbating every day (standing), I got those results:

    1. I stopped masturbating with a dead grip (didn't even know what it was)

    2. Understood that my pelvic floor muscles get very tight when my dick gets touched - when I masturbate or have sex. To fix that, technically speaking I started doing reversed Kegels every time I masturbate (and have sex later in life).

    3. Started masturbating the head of the penis with the foreskin down the shaft. Before that, I was only moving my foreskin up and down. This helped me to reduce the sensation of the head, it's very important because when you have sex, you basically thrust with your head, the foreskin moves just a little or doesn't move at all.

    4. With no dead grip, reversed Kegels, and foreskin down the shaft, I started lasting 10-15 minutes every time I masturbate which was fucking awesome, it was visual representation of my progress. That gave me a lot of confidence. I was doing 15 minutes masturbating standing every day without ejaculation for a month. It helped me lose "I need to ejaculate hard every time I masturbate" mentality, it was transformed to more like "I want to have pleasure without ejaculation, ejaculation is secondary or even not needed at all".

  5. Around a month after doing 66 Days Fap Training, I caught myself and my girlfriend in the right mood (It was very hard to initiate sex because we were both feeling awful every time we try), laid down, relaxed, and just went with my feelings, fucked the hell out of her (We were doing woman on top). She didn't ejaculate but enjoyed the process because I lasted for let's say 30-70 frictions (4-10 minutes approximately) when It was 1-5 frictions before (less than a minute). For the first time in years, I was just holding her, loving her, and being my true exposed and vulnerable self without any clothes. Before that, I just wanted to sneakily cum and to make her feel good in the process, but on this day I just was in a moment, enjoying her and myself, didn't thinking about our problems and cumming. I ejaculated very hard and when I stood up and went to get rid of the condom, I was literally shaking, my legs didn't hold me. It was so good and I was so damn happy that I remember this moment till now. She was very happy too. It was our first good sex basically :) This gave me a feeling that If I can do it once, I can master it and do it every time, I'm not an invalid person, fuck you, urologist.

  6. After that, we started fixing our sex life little by little. It didn't just get fixed on the first good sex, no. But it went from total failure to semi-functional sex. I still couldn't last long in bed every time, but I started getting a hang of it. We started talking about sex, getting rid of shame, started understanding what we want and stuff, we started being more open about our sexual life and about our sexual personalities sorta say. We understood that at that moment the only pose I can last longer is a woman on top (especially if one of my legs is underneath my ass - just try it for yourself, it relaxes your pelvic floor very well). Then we discovered the "She is on top, but I'm sitting" pose. Then she started cumming before me, wow. It was so nice to see her cum :) Then I had some good experience in missionary (it's my most weak position). And yeah, in some time everything just was fixed. And today (5 May 2021) I know that the next time we'll have sex - it would be good and long enough, and this is the opposite of PE. So I'm cured, guys. Wooho!

And now we're just experimenting, opening ourselves to each other more every day, and basically enjoying each other's company.

So this is my nugget of wisdom for you guys: If you suffer from PE, I feel sorry, this fucking sucks. I've been there. But don't tell yourself that you're doomed and don't give up until you actually go all-in on fixing this problem. I feel like our bad child masturbation habits hold us back from having great sex today, and that we ignore our sex problems, because sex is like a very quick dive into some kind of an alternate reality once up a time, and that then, outside of it, you're a good guy and you don't need to fix anything. No, there is good long-lasting sex and everybody around you has it once up a time. And you, my dude, can have it too if you go all-in on fixing your PE. And if not - well, you tried. It's a decision of a strong person, and it's okay. But before suffering and talking that life is not fair - you should try to go all-in on fixing PE. You can do it, my dude. Good luck. I believe that if a 0 sex confidence and "PE that can't be cured" diagnosis guy like me could do it - you can do it too.

Also, I'd like to add that almost every time we have sex, my first ejaculation is somewhat fast, but in the second round, I can last for as long as I want in some poses. So don't beat up on yourself if you can't hold it for long before your first ejaculation, or if missionary doesn't work for you, it's fine :)

Got better lasting my first round. Sometimes I can last for 5 minutes. But I last very long (10-15 minutes) on the second round, every time. It's all about the mentality and not really wanting to cum. Also need to relax your pelvic floor, you need to not be sex-starved, you need to slow down. And the moment of insertion is important. It shouldn't be too tight, or I cum fast for some reason.

Got a lot of messages from you guys. If you want to cure yourself - start the 66 days fap training. While doing it learn about the dead grip and don't do it, learn about your pelvic floor and start relaxing it, and stick to the routine. Don't cum every day during the challenge, you're allowed to do it only once a week. It seems very-very hard, but it's very important to teach your body to not want to cum. Only with it, you'll be able to notice all the sensations in your body. Without it, you're going berserk-mode and don't see the obvious. And if you can't masturbate daily and not cumming once a week - you're not desperate enough, try again in half a year of sex failure. I was desperate enough, and I've beaten it, I've gone all out. You can do it too, just stick to the plan and good luck! I believe in you, my dude!


P.S. Fuck you PE. Man, we need to talk about sex and PE more with our dudes. Fucking fuck you PE. Damn you.

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