I was conditioned to get erections without my awareness...

 Several years ago I had a girlfriend that put on bright red lipstick every time she gave me a blowjob. She liked giving, so this happened fairly regularly. As the months passed, I noticed that as soon as I saw her appear in red lipstick I would start to get aroused. Over time, I was completely erect the moment I saw her in red lipstick. So here’s where it gets fucked up. One day her friend shows up at the gym while I’m working out and she’s wearing the same lipstick, and I immediately get hard (gym shorts, very obvious). Her friend asks why I have an erection and I honestly don’t know. Later that night, my girlfriend asks why I got an erection when I saw her friend at the gym. She then tells me that they both watched the episode of The Office where Jim conditions Dwight with mints and decided to try it out on me. Kind of funny, but also, my brain has literally been re-wired to the point that I get hard any time I see red lipstick so...fuck Pavlov.

EDIT: Hey, so I joined Reddit today to tell this story because my friend said it was funny and would lighten the mood during COVID life. You can believe it or not. The friend at the gym was wearing the exact lipstick. She was in on the plan. The gym was apparently the test to see how much I had been affected. It’s bright red lipstick. Totally uncommon.

But also I’m just getting hate messages, so I’m planning to delete Reddit. It was a helluva one day run, and don’t do this to people you care about without their consent.

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