I Thought Sucking dick is completely underrated

 I am the only one in my entire friendship group that actually enjoys blow jobs. It’s absolutely crazy to me how not only none of my friends like it, they hate it! I think it’s one of the sexiest things ever and probably my favourite part of sex in general.

There’s nothing hotter than kneeling in front of a guy and unzipping his pants to find he’s hard and then taking him into your mouth. Sometimes I even get excited to see he’s soft too, I really like the feeling of him getting hard in my mouth. I love everything about it. I love the idea of sucking it. love being so close and personal to his cock. I love tasting his pre cum. I love hearing him moan in pleasure. I love seeing his toes curl. I love feeling him explode in my mouth. I just love everything about it.

I think I’m very good at oral sex, part of that is technique but I think a huge part of that is my attitude towards it. I don’t need to be on my period to suck cock, I don’t need to be bribed or asked to suck cock. I genuinely love it. I actually feel like I should thank him for letting me suck him... is that crazy? It feels like a gift haha. I think the way you approach oral sex and your attitude towards it is probably equally as importantly technique. But, here are some things I like to do that I think make it even better for the guy...

  • Eye contact. It makes me feel so dirty and submissive to look up at him while I suck his cock. I think the eye contact makes it so sexy.

  • I like to tease at first by kissing his thighs, slowly working my way to his balls.

  • Never ever forget about the balls! This is so important. Lick them slowly, lick them fast, lick them with the tip of your tongue (make it pointed), lick them with your tongue flat and definitely suck them but be very very gentle!

  • Lick all the way from the base of his dick to the tip.

  • Slapping his dick across your face usually goes down well.

  • Always always always continue to lick his head while you suck. Swirl your tongue around, up and down, side to side, anything. Just keep it moving constantly. Sucking shouldn’t be just up and down, your tongue works wonders!

  • Dirty talk! Silence is fine, moans are better but dirty talk is much sexier. Make sure he’s into it though, not every guy might be but I find telling him how wet you are, how much this is turning you on, how much you love his dick or how much you want him inside you, how your his slut, will always go down well.

  • Moan moan moan! He’s going to love hearing you moan while you suck him. He will also feel the vibrations of you moaning on his dick too.

  • Try and deep throat, if you can, brilliant. If you can’t, take as much as you can for as long as you can then gag and tell him how big he is and how you can’t take it all but how much it turns you on trying. No guy is going to unhappy hearing his dick is too big for your mouth.

  • Fake deep throating. Make sure your hand is wet, stroke him and suck the tip in your mouth. This will stop the gagging, mean you can focus all your attention on his head and also give him the feeling of deep throating.

  • masturbate if you can, I’ve found that if your able to play with yourself while doing it then that just sends guys over the edge. Not only does it show how into it you are, it also feels so dirty and if your wet enough they will be able to hear that while you suck his dick.

  • Ask him where he wants to cum/tell him where you want him to cum. If you have no preference where he finishes then ask him what he likes, just make it sexy! If he says he wants to cum in your mouth, something like ‘mmmm, you want to fill up my mouth with that cum?’ Or ‘empty your balls into my mouth’ would work. If you don’t like it in your mouth then say something like ‘I want you to cum in my face, I want to feel like your dirty slut’ is much better than ‘no I don’t like the taste of cum’

  • If he’s taking too long and your mouth is sore then tell him your so horny you can’t wait anymore, you need him inside of you right now. This is much better than ‘are you almost done? My jaw hurts’

  • Compliment his dick but make sure you mean it. If he’s not the biggest hen he’s going to know that, don’t tell him he’s huge because he will know your lying, tell him how hard his cock is and how good it feels in your mouth. If he is big then definitely make sure to tell him! Make sure you tell him how big and full his balls are, how good his cum tastes, how sexy he looks while you suck his cock, how attractive his cock is, how sexy he sounds moaning for you etc. Guys need compliments too! But they must be genuine.

  • Surprise him with blow jobs. A wake up blow Job or shower job will always go down well. Wait until he’s on the phone of playing Xbox and unzip his pants, make it feel naughty.

  • I can’t remember the actual word for it, but the thin line on his balls (should be straight down the middle separating both his testicles) is very sensitive. You must be super gentle but licking this very carefully should feel amazing for him.

  • Don’t wait to be asked to suck his dick. Start sucking before he even has a chance to ask for a blow job, show him how much you love it by doing it by choice, not because he asked.

  • Don’t ask for oral back every single time you suck his dick. It makes it look like a chore and that your only doing it to get something in return. It’s fine to do this sometimes, but if it’s every single time it gives the impression you only do it to get oral back. If he offers himself that’s different of course.

  • If your happy to swallow his cum then great. If your not then try and make it sexy. Let him cum in your mouth and then let it drip down on to your breasts (or let him cum on them if you don’t even want it in your mouth) and then rub his load into your boobs like lotion. Make sure to smile and make eye contact while you do it.

Wow! That’s for all the responses, I didn’t expect this to blow up (pun intended). I just wanted to add that of course you need to get permission to suck his dick before you actually do it, especially if it’s a surprise. I just figured that went without saying so I didn’t feel the need to mention that. Another thing, I didn’t mean you shouldn’t want oral in return, I just meant don’t ask for it as it looks like your doing it to be pleasured back, I didn’t mean you shouldn’t want your pussy licked. Yes my post is very ‘porn star’ but I mean.... how many guys are going to complain that you suck dick like a porn star? I literally can’t think of any! If the guy your with doesn’t like something I’m sure he will tell you and you can change that. Communication is obviously key! Also, I’m definitely female

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