I have questions regarding sexual intimacy

 I just had a first oubreak in my late 20s. Most likely got it as a kid, which sucks. Virgin, never had any kind of sexual interaction. Doctor perscribed acyclovir cream and to continue taking my vitamins. Outbreak was caused by extreme stress + anxiety + fatigue + lack of eating.

Told my LD boyfriend the moment I saw it under my lip. We've been talking a lot about it and I have some concerns since he doesn't have it and I want to protect him from it. I'm supposed to meet him in 10 days.

Obviously, kissing is out of the question. My doctor told me that there's a chance it might heal until then, but that it depends on the person, their immunity etc. I know that it is in its most contagious phase rn (blisters opened and are flat now), so I don't think it's a good idea to kiss him even if it visibly goes away 10 days from now.

I only have it right under my mouth, so here's what I want to know:

  1. Is regular penetrative sex still okay? No oral from me, no kissing, just PIV? All websites just mention "no kissing and oral sex performed by the infected person", nothing about PIV.

  2. Can he still perform oral sex on me since I only have OHSV1?

  3. We would sleep in the same bed, different pillows. Is that safe for him?

  4. Is it safe to cuddle, as in if I put my head on his chest over a shirt?

  5. Is showering together safe?

  6. IF these blisters somehow completely go away by day 10, am I still as contagious for a while after?

  7. I've read about asymptomatic shedding. Does that mean my boyfriend will get it from me at some point of our relationship regardless?

I'm sorry if I seem paranoid, but I love him and care about his health. He isn't immunocompromised, but I want us both to be informed. He has the right to make his decisions based on this.

I will talk to my doctor next week, but would greatly appreciate some feedback from people who have it, too.

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