I completely overcame Premature Ejaculation! You can too!

 3 month Reverse Kegel training guide. Challenge yourself. Beat your PE!

The title is in fact true. I was just looking through this sub and I didn't see any success stories so I thought I would share mine. I completely overcame premature ejaculation 3 years ago. I went from being less than a minute man to literally being able to last as long as I want. Had sex again on the weekend for over an hour and I just thought back on when I couldn't last so I thought I would share how I overcame it. Its almost kind of ironic because my (now ex) girlfriend used to complain that I lasted too long. So yeah I have done a complete 180 in my ability in how to last.

Like everyone else in this sub when I started having sex I couldn't last any longer than like a minute. And for me, it was embarrassing. I couldn't even do the stop and start technique because I couldn't last long enough to actually implement it. I also tried thinking about something else while having sex and that didn't work either, still came in a minute.

I ended up getting really frustrated by this and went out to find a solution for this. Spent hours reading every thread on PEGym and searching across the internet. I also bought some penis numbing cream, ended up stinging the penis off me and I couldn't get even get hard when I was using it. Also tried to strengthening my pelvic floor with kegels and that wasn't working. I was 19 at the time and pretty sad about the whole thing because I was in the prime college years and I was afraid to have any more sex with girls. I was determined to find a solution for this so I set out to find the issue and a solution.

After masturbating as fast as I could for years on end prior to this, I had conditioned myself to cum as fast as possible. Every wank I had was over in 2 minutes. I was constantly kegeling unknowingly when I was masturbating. Masturbating felt better if i was kegeling when doing it. I didn't know this isn't what you were supposed to do, I assume this is what everyone was doing. I was also obsessed with orgasming and was just trying to orgasm as fast as possible. I then tried masturbating without kegeling and lasting more than 2 minutes and I couldn't do it. My pelvic floor muscle was still contracting by itself and I was still cumming within two minutes. I tried this more times and I still kept cumming. After years of wreckless masturbating my pelvic floor muscle was extremely tight and I was always close to orgasm. Every time I had a wank or had sex I was already 80% on my way to an orgasm before even starting. I always felt like if your pelvic floor muscle got to a certain degree of contraction it triggered an orgasm. Next time you are masturbating, think about it, really notice how your pelvic floor muscle contracts just before you are about to cum. You will notice it getting tighter and tighter just as you are about to cum. I used this interpretation of what was going on as the basis for devising a plan.

I started reading more into reverse kegeling and edging. In my mind I could use reverse kegels to relax my pelvic floor muscle and I could use edging to help self discipline myself with orgasming. I started doing Reverse Kegels while I was just sitting at my desk for couple of weeks. And I just wasn't getting any results, I could barely feel any difference in my pelvic floor muscle when I was doing it so I completely changed my plan of action and my intensity.

Here is what I done to overcome Premature Ejaculation:

  1. I first completely stopped watching porn while masturbating at the start. I set myself the goal of 5 days a week I would have a wank for at least 10-15 minutes ( I would then up this to about 30 minutes later down the road. Starting off I just tried it last as long as I could I wasn't reaching the 15 minute mark by any means. When ever I was close to orgasm I would just let go of my penis and wait until the urge to orgasm passed. I repeated this over and over. Keep in mind especially at the beginning some times I would still orgasm. When I could last 20+ minutes easily masturbating I then incorporated porn back into it. When you incorporate porn back into it. Id start off with just basic porn. Don't jump straight into a category that you love that makes you really aroused. You can work up to that later down the road but for the time being just choose a normal category and start with that.

  2. I also did not let myself cum every time, maybe every 3rd time I masturbated. I would masturbate for the 20 minutes and then just put my penis away. Meant I would be pretty horny the remainder of the day but I needed to break away from mentality of obsessing over orgasming. You are on a mission here and you are not looking for immediate pleasure. This will also help with the erection loss you may while practicing reverse kegels.

  3. I started practicing reverse kegels while I was masturbating. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. I found doing reverse kegels while masturbating to be much more effective at stretching the pelvic floor muscle than doing Reverse Kegels with no erection. I honestly believe this the foundations for overcoming PE. What we are aiming to do here is to stretch the pelvic floor muscle as much as we can. The more we stretch it the further away we are from the point of ejaculation. So the whole time I am masturbating I am constantly doing reverse kegels and stretching the muscles. The goal is to stretch that pelvic floor muscle as much as you can. I have seen before when I was doing my research that yoga has moderately helped some people with PE. I started doing yoga myself a year ago and it includes a lot of deep stretches so it makes sense it helps with PE, because you're essentially stretching your pelvic floor muscles in some yoga positions. I need to really emphasize the importance of the reverse Kegel when masturbating. When you feel an orgasm coming and you feel your pelvic floor contracting, try fight it off with the reverse kegel but also keep reverse kegeling while your masturbating anyway regardless of if you feel a orgasm coming or not. I would recommend to reverse kegel for 10 seconds and then break for 10 seconds and then just keep repeating that cycle for the whole duration of your masturbation session. You dont need to be practicing reverse kegels throughout the day, just keep them to masturbation sessions.

  4. You can use the tools to help you reduce sensitivity. I use this below.



The whole reason why we continuously practice the reverse kegels is because we are trying to loosen the pelvic floor as much as possible in general. Typically you see that reverse kegels are good for relaxing the pelvic floor muscle, well we want to take it one step further and actually stretch the muscle, which you can do with reverse kegels.

Once you finish this guide after 3 or so months you won't have to practice reverse kegels anymore as your pelvic floor muscle will be sufficiently loosened enough and you won't be constantly fighting off an orgasm.

I have also seen deep diaphragmic breathing accompanied with reverse kegels in several places. Personally I didn't do deep breathing when I did reverse kegels but it would be no harm if you wanted to include it and see if it helped you. However the main aim here is to stretch you PV muscle.

5. Do not voluntarily Kegel anymore during masturbating or sex. (It's fine when you have overcome PE).

6. I also bought a cheap fleshlight like 3 months in. I don't think its entirely necessary but it could help prepare you for the real thing.

At the time I took a complete break from sex for like 7 months and went on this mission. I practiced what I said above religiously every week. Very slowly overtime I noticed by ability to last getting longer and longer when masturbating. Went from lasting 1-2 minutes to 5 minutes to 10 and then to 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes easily. My Pelvic floor muscle was so loose I wasn't fighting off an orgasm all the time anymore. When the time to have sex came around again I was terrified if what I had been practicing would actually hold up during sex, and it actually did. I lasted like 30 minutes fine during sex. I was over the moon.

You don't need to do this for 7 months to see results. I started to see good results 2-3 months into this guide. If you were to do this every week for 3 months I truly believe you can do a entire 180 in how long you can last, regardless of how long you have had PE for. 3 months might seem like a long time but its a short investment for a change that lasts a life time. Longer you do it for the more results you will see. This isn't an over the night fix and don't expect much if any changes in the first couple of weeks. I stopped doing this guide myself 3 years ago after I could last indefinitely.

The one other thing I did notice when doing this routine over time, particularly when I first starting doing it is that I started getting random spasms in my pelvic floor muscle sometimes during the day randomly. It would go away after a few seconds and it didnt hurt or nothing bad happened. Spasms went away over time during the routine or when I stopped (can't remember), either way I don't get them anymore and if you get them too its nothing to worry about.

That's pretty much it. Its honestly fairly straightforward and simple it just takes time and patience but it does work. The reverse kegel work is the key to this and the edging is important too. I'd love to see other people get the results I did from this so i encourage you to try it. Don't get discouraged at the start when you still bust in 2 minutes. Stick with the guide!! Any qs just comment below.

All the best folks!

Edit, Additional Information, how to do a reverse kegel and good position to do reverse kegels in:

Hello everyone, I got some messages from people asking about how to do reverse kegels correctly and what is a good position to do them in. For me I found that a position I could get a good stretch of the pelvic floor was if I was slouching back in a chair. So, slouch back in your chair such that you balls and pelvic floor is hanging off the end of the chair. In this position your pelvic floor should be almost pointing out ahead of you, opposed to be pointing at the floor. In this position you will essentially be sitting directly on your asshole at the edge of your seat. I found doing reverse kegels in this position allowed me to get a good stretch of the area.

People were also asking me about how to do reverse kegels. The best way and simplest way to imagine a reverse kegel is like you are pushing out a poo. Its the same outward pushing movement you do with the pelvic floor. Try more so to focus on pushing out your pelvic floor region more than pushing out your asshole itself. Its best to try this in the slouching position again such that your balls and pelvic floor is not underneath you. In the slouching position when you do the pushing out a poo action, the fact that you are sitting on your asshole makes it hard to push out your asshole anymore than it already is so in turn, you push out the pelvic floor instead. Again still try focus on pushing out your pelvic floor more than just pushing out your asshole itself. Your ab muscles will also be tensing when you are doing a reverse kegel.

The reverse kegel is a small and subtle stretch hence why we have to do it continuously to stretch the muscle over time. You wont ever feel a huge stretch in the area but over time the small stretches will loosen the muscle. The key to this routine is consistency, consistency is key. Keep at it for 4-5 times a week for 3 months and you will see the benefits of it, don't give up after a week or two! If I remember anything else I will edit this post again and add it. In the meantime any questions, post them below, or you can PM me, I will try stick around this subreddit in general too.

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