Fap Trainnig----The only way you'll overcome and cure PE (2)

 And last but not least, I want to last even longer and get better, so the training continues, this time I know what I didn't know before I started this journey so imma get better for sure, I hope other people get the same results as me, because before this whole thing I couldn't last even 30sec, now I can fuck a girl for 10min+ RAW!! sometimes. My overall experience was great but, I think we can make this routine better. My goal now is to be able to fuck her hard for as long as I want everytime she says "papi, dame duro"....that is 'fuck me harder' for those whom never dated a latina baby before. Blessings guys.

First and foremost, i named the routine the wrong name, 66days is not enough to beat PE, it actually took me a little over a year to get where im at now...at first i started doing the same routine with my hands with no lube around august or september 2018, i quit several times cause the results were very slow and i had a girlfriend at the time, later on she dumped me because of pe, like around november or december 2018, i started again and then i quit again because of a new job, didnt really have the time and i wasnt getting no action in the bed after the break up....i started again one more time like around february or march 2019, this time i was serious because even when i quit multiple times without seeing any overly big difference on my performance, yet i was still seeing some minor differences and it took me sometimes to realize that...so i started again around march, i started with my hands with no lube, by april i got used to my hands and i needed something more challenging, so i bought some lube, everything was hard at first cause it was a new sensation, the focus of the training changed, i was fapping just to feel the sensation, not to cum like i usually do, 3 months later, i felt so much confidence, i was able to last over 30min while masturbating with lube to the point that it'll be hard for me to get to ponr, i felt so much confidence and got so used to the sensation that i gave myself the ultimate challenge with all the confidence in the world, telling myself that if i could get used to the fleshlight just like i got used to my hands, i'll be able to beat PE and i bought the fleshlight like around august...like around end of august, beginning of september that's when i started this now called 66days routine based on my trials and experiments, and the rest was history as you guys know

Second of all, i want to address the misconception that many people have when it comes to this routine; many people think that the 66days routine is some kind of edging or is about semen retention...no it isn't, this routine is about arousal control, is about re-wiring your brain into thinking that a nut is not everything there is when it comes to sex, is about getting used to something you arent used to, is about doing thing diferently, is about getting used to the sensation of your body...the main goal is not to masturbate until you reach ponr, the main is to get used to getting pleasure for a longer time than what you usually do, 20min doesnt have to be the goal, your goal can be 5min, 10min, 1hour, it doesnt matter, you shouldnt even get CLOSE ponr, you have yo keep your arousal under control all the time until you reach your goal...what i did realize is that our body is programable, if you do something over and over again for a while, it'll become a reflex, almost like second nature.

As of now here are the things i've accomplished thanks to that routine here:


1 - I can last between 7min to 15min of penetration or even more if i really want to. 2 - My lungs are stronger xd 3 - Whenever im fapping, im usually satisfied after 25min or so and i usually stop fapping all over after 25min without cumming...meaning that i dont have that need to orgasm everytime i'm getting pleasure like i used to before 4 - I can last an eternity while receiving oral sex 5 - I feel confident as fuckkkkk, pardon my french 6 - Now for some reason, i never cum when i have a sex dream, i always wake up when i feel i'm getting close to ponr...lemme tell you that before all of this i couldnt even penetrate the girl in my dream, i would bust way before i could stick it in

Although the routine has done more good than bads, there are also some "bad" things

1 - Less intense orgasm, less fulfilling....i went from a 5 orgasm contractions/spams guy to a 3 contractions/spasm...many readers have reported seeing less semen too...thats not my case tho 2 - Lose erection very often after the 20min mark unless i make things interesting like going faster or start thrusting with my hips 3 - I get strong erections at night time...even if im not in the mood...always around the same time 4 - Once you start having more sex...fapping will feel kind of boring to the point that you avoid fapping completely....from the time im writing this post it has been more than week ago since i've last masturbated...but i havent had sex since this whole covid-19 shit started neither, i wonder how am i doing now

Now that will show you how much my Body and my Mind have changed thanks to this routine, it definitely took me some time before it started changing me on a mental level, this "waking up before cumming" thing started happening when i was almost done with this 66days routine, it took me almost a year to get my mind re-wired...but i do think that having more successful sex helped with that a lot

Hey guys, it's been a while since i last updated this post right here; Some of you guys have sent me messages asking how different everything is a year after coming up with the 66days routine....Man, long story short, this year hasn't been the best year, it's been a long journey; first of all i dont think i fucked 20 times within those past 320 days, did good on some occasions, did ok on other occasions and did bad. I've learned a lot.

First thing first, here is my two cents: not lasting that long doesn't really mean PE necesarily, PE is at least 90% psycological, meditation is definitely useful.

So far, masturbation has become quite boring for me, i dont really feel the same excitement i get compared to sex and my orgasm feels kinda dull when fapping; there's a big ass hole in my fleshlight and i'm not trying to buy a new one; i still cant go fully hardcore for too long without feeling i'm getting close to ponr; i've tried coming up with a couple of new routines which at the end didn't improve my time by much; and i've been investigating about the so called "death grip" syndrome which led to me incorporating porn into the 66days routine after some deep investigation, surprisingly i can last a long time before cumming while watching porn and fapping feels less boring, again dont do the latter if you're still on your early phase, the arousal would be too much for you, thats some advance technique right here, it's just that i kinda have the same feeling i get while having sex by watching porn while fapping, i never thought i would say that, and to be honest i just dont masturbate that much anymore, i just do it at least 4 to 5 times a month and i'd probably orgasm 2 times depending on the video, it's not a routine, i just got a stronger will power now. I still cant last too long during missionary, i can give her 2 minute max tho, thats usually my finishing move tho.

Remember guys, this routine is not a cure for PE, sometimes i cum quick just because of a thought that crossed my mind, or because when i hadn't fuck for like 3-7 weeks and got careless or got overexcited, when that happens, dont take it to heart, it happened because you were too aroused and that you hadnt fucked in a while...it's not an excuse, it's a fact...i learned that the hard way...overall i'm happy, i definitely had more success than failure, i can proudly say that i can fuck for as many as 7-9 songs off the weeknd's 2015 album, give her head for like 3 songs, and then i try alternating between giving head and fucking or changing position everytime a song is done playing...free game for you guys, you might be laughing right now but if you only you knew how long those songs are lmfao

I dont claim that this routine right here will be useful for everybody, nothing is that perfect...but just like me, take the decision to do things differently, change the way you fap, get used to your new way of fapping, and for the love of God, get PE out of your head bro...the latter is probably one of the reason i dont stay on this forum that much, im trying to forget about pe and to stop seeing that "cumming earlier than you wanted to" as if something is wrong with you, nothing is wrong with you, get that one out of your head first...I've been telling you guys that, i started lasting longer as soon as i started having more success while having sex and building confidence, and it's true. Now the only thing i gotta get out of my mind is that stupid idea of wanting to go faster, i think that shit has to do with my lasting time not improving when i got fast, maybe??

One last thing guys, please listen to your body, some of you arent seeing any results, just listen to your body:

If going for that many days without cumming too hard for you; trying going less days.

If the fleshlight is too hard for you; you arent ready yet, dont use it.

If you're starting and quitting; just start and dont quit it this time.

If you cum too fast one day; fuck it, try tomorrow and dont cum this time, challenge yourself.

If you get close to ponr too many times in a short period of time; dont just keep going, stop, try tomorrow.

All im asking is for you to make the time it takes you to get to ponr longer, and if you will, dont even get to ponr...that's it, it's not rocket science nor calculus...that's all for today, see yall when i see yall.

BTW: Stay off the porn, this part of the routine is still under trial, so far i see no effects. But i still see how it can backfire for some of you guys.

So exactly one year and 4 months later after coming up with the routine and, after only 8 months masturbating with porn....last night i was finally able to fuck the living shit out of my lady, my only issue was that i couldnt go fast, last night i sure did go fast, multiple times without getting even close too porn for longer than 30secs, while keeping my arousal under control, of course i would slow down to make sure i dont get too confident, i had her screamingggg; guys, i need to emphasize the importance of tightening up your grip because im used to such a firmer grip that oral nor the pussy didnt feel like too overwhelming to me like it did 2-3 months ago, and i also need to emphasize the importance of arousal control, last night was a good example of arousal control...we hadnt fuck for a while to be honest, so i've had time to practice and i seriously think that doing the 66days routine with porn and a tighter grip with less lube while respecting all the rules was a game changer for me. But one more time, imma keep it 100 with you guys, if you're just starting with the routine, stay off the porn because you probably dont have the arousal control you need to do it with porn, before i decided to include porn into the routine, i made sure i could last longer during sex and i made sure i understood the way my arousal work, so dont be out here cheating on the process...if i had to count, it took me a strong 3 years to get where i am now, there's no way you can speed up things, trust me...so next saturday she will come again, i mean how can she not?? Am i right?? I dont want to celebrate too early but....the thing is if i can repeat the same thing i did last night 2 to 4 more times, i can definitely say that i can overcame PE.

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