Fap Trainnig----The only way you'll overcome and cure PE (1)

 To overcome your PE case, you will need to do the 66 days fap-trainning without Orgasming/Cumming and without PORN. Dont COMPARE this trainning to stop-start, the point is to stay as far away from orgasm as possible., we have to stay away from PONR. My theory is based on my own experience and just common sense, we have been trainning our bodies to cum quick, this has become some kind of habit or reflex programmed into our bodies, and scientifically speaking, you need at least 66days to get rid of an habit or a reflex developped overtime, so i tried it, it's all about getting rid of an habit by replacing it with a new one, The habit of lasting 20+min

In order to do this trainning you will need:

Water based lube,

a sex toy (i recommend the doc johnson mood exciter, because that's the one im using) or your hands, its ok

your own room and privacy

Breathing from the core/belly

AND you have to be strong cuz you are used to cumming quick or to cumming in general, so not doing so might be hard at the beginning....I dont have to tell how to masturbate, yall know how the deal goes, and i wont give too much details but im on the 23rd day now and it's already working, so i felt inspired to share it with you guys we've been fighting PE for too long now.

BUTTTT before you start jerking off like crazy, i want you to take 5 min just to get an erection and you MUST try to keep the erection for the whole 5 min without too much stimulation..Get the erection first, masturbate slowly without lube or fleshlight to maintain that erection...dont forget to breath from your belly...after the 5 min you can produce with lube or the fleshlight...do this every trainning, no exception, NO CHEATING, if you do that you will learn how to slow things down and to not get overexcited and it's part of the "get rid of the i gotta cum reflex"....and please do this without porn or pics

1--Its very important to learn how to breath from the belly, because it will help you with controling the contraction of our pc muscle, one of the cause for pe is that we became so used to contracting our pc muscle involuntarily in order to come faster that it became like a second nature thing...in order to reduce of get rid of this reflex we have to avoid contracting our pc muscle after peeing, and start doing some pc muscle relaxation trainning to make relax, i dont believe in KEGEL, it doesnt work to be honest, we have been flexing this muscle too much, now it's to learn to relax it voluntarily. While getting stimulated or fapping try breathing into your belly while pushing out your pc muscle, like if you are trying to pee, this how you learn to relax the pc muscle voluntarily, push out lightly, dont strain yourself, dont push your ass like you're trying to do number 2, push towards the front like you're trying the number 1...Do this step for the whole entire session, dont ever stop tring to relax your pc muscle and dont stop breathing

2-- Try to do your trainning session in the night or at a time you know you will not be interrupted, we actually have to make each session last 15-20min. The thing that work for me was to start masturbating slow and then going faster as you get used to the sensation session after session, take your time, try to feel every sensation, go as slow as you want, if you come that's okay, but try not to, stop when you feel it's too much and proceed as you feel ready to.

3- Last but not least, it's all about repetition, try to do the trainning everyday until you get used to the sensation, it's all about getting a new habit (lasting 20+min) replacing the cumming fast habit, until you learn how to relax the pc muscle voluntarily(sometimes i flex it involuntarily anyway, so dont be too hard on yourself)...try to cum every 10 days to having too much build-up of semen, and the relieve the stress and to build confidence in yourself with the condition that you can cum after the 20mins...Try not stay in one position, you can start with you laid on your back and standing up, and while sitting, on your knees just like if you were having sex, at first avoid thrusting with the hip, just move your hands or fleshlight.

4-One thing i have to point is Performance Anxiety, when i started the trainning i could cum literally by seeing the fleshlight, this was overwhelming, Performance anxiety was a huge factor giving me PE..dont worry, eventually as you get better you will start building up confidence, and your performance anxiety will be less noticeable, trust me

5- And please, monitor your progress, write down on a notepad, the date and how much you last, i want you to write even when you ejaculate, try to ejaculate every 6 to 10days of trainnng...Listen well, if you feel like it, try to ejaculate every 6 to 10 trainning days, Keep in mind that when you take a day off, it doesnt count as trainning day, in order words you can cum every 6 to 10 trainning sessions..dont cheat...download some type of timer app, to monitor how long you last obviously...and one more time, stay off the porn, i really mean it, porn is bad for your mental health

The reasons why im sharing this trainning with you guys, it's because i've had success, now im able to masturbate with fleshlight for 24min straight, before i couldnt...Last saturday i had a girl give me head and i was so used to a more stimulating sensation like the fleshlight that i wasnt able to cum by her giving me head, and she even ride me like a horse for like 8min after a 30min blowjob before i could come, before i couldnt do that, i was soooo fucking happy, i was so calm and confident, and i felt like i was used to greater sensation so head wasnt triggering the "im about to cum feeling". before i used to cum just by her licking it..it was sad

Well as you know, im still going thru the trainning myself, i have 23 sessions so far, with days off of course. Taking breaks is important because remember, this is a trainning for the whole body including your mind. I still have a lot of sessions to do but i can see a bigggg difference between now and when we started. I have been fighting against PE for danm long time, i am determined to make it stop, numbing cream wont do it, supplement wont do it...Only your MIND and your BODY can do it...So together let's retrain our body in thinking that cumming doesnt have to be mandatory when being stimulated. let's fap without ever reaching the PONR


Now, im currently on my 52th session, only missing 14 sessions more to complete the whole routine, and im telling you guys to stick to the training, dont get discouraged.

To some of you guys who asked me if i had sex while i was doing the training, the answer was yes, since i started the training i had a sex encounter like 3 times yesterday being the 4th, and out of those 4 times i did good on 3 of them(the 3rd time wasnt tho), how was that possible?? Let's give some credit to our routine first and foremost, and lets also appreciate the fact that i learned from the mistake i made on the 3rd attempt(i got too excited and i forgot to breath and to keep my pc muscle relaxed, i blame performance anxiety for that, i gave her a strong 4min tho)...so this time i did it differently, i didnt force myself to breath deeply, i didnt try to relax my pc muscle by force and the thoughts of orgasming didnt even cross my mind(at the start of the act at least), so in order words, i just let my MUSCLE MEMORY take over....she gives good oral sex, so i wasnt thinking too much, i was just enjoying while looking at her face; she was throwing it back at me, i was just receiving it and i was slowing her down when i felt the need to, and speeding when i felt like it; i even did missionary guys, and any of my sexual partners know that the missionary position is my weakness, i couldnt last a second in missionary before...the most surprising thing is that my pc muscle was pretty much relaxed the whole time, but i ended orgasming because danm, seeing the look in her face while she was riding me was too much for me, i didnt pay attention to the time but i can bet money that this was at least a 30min+ long session minimum.

So the reason why my 4th time was so successful was because:

1- I was able to control my anticipation, therefore also my performance anxiety. 2 - I let muscle memory take over. 3 - I didnt force myself to breath or to relax my pc. 4 - I was just enjoying the moment not minding if i would cum or no. 5 - The condom actually helped me with the sensation, w/o that i'd be a daddy right now hahaha. And because the training is giving me results, which im proud of.

So guys, with that being said, we've won several battles until now but we didnt win the war yet, so stick to the routine and do not quit, if i can get results, you guys can too and believe me; my pe was severe. Even after completing the training, you might still always have ups and down, who cares? Even the best players of the game have their ups and downs sometimes.

Please feel free to post any progress you are having, that way we can keep ourselves and everybody motivated. Blessings.


Don't blame me guys, it seems like she liked the previous session so she came back, this time I did well again BUT I did realize that there are some positions that we did where I couldnt relax my PC muscles no matter how hard I tried so I had to stop more often or I felt that I was getting too close to the ponr too often, specially the ones where i had to support too much of my weight. So I didn't last as long as the previous session, but that doesn't make it a loss for us, don't you even worry guys .

My only advice for you is to try to learn how to control/relax your PC muscles in different positions, because the same thing was happening to me at the beginning, up until now ME personally I always do the "on my feet" "on ma back" kind of positions when I'm practicing cuz I feel like I'm have more control and I do know how to relax my muscles in these positions w/o a doubt, so I'm gonna try to do different positions now like "on my side" "on my knees" or "leaning forward" kind of positions(I don't know the names, sorry) , positions where I have to support the weight of my body a lil bit more so I can learn how to control my PC muscles in those cases, to avoid getting overwhelmed...like I did today.

I wouldn't say that this encounter was a loss cause I did make her cum and I passed my 20min mark, of course, the only problem is that I couldn't last long in certain positions and I need to work with that. Blessings.

So, i have completed this routine guys and I can definitely say that my theory is partially right, this can actually help with PE to the point that you can last longer than you ever did, I can last both in sex(12min+) and masturbation(30min+). Pay attention, I didn't use the word "cure" because deep down I can feel the feeling of wanting to orgasm early everytime I start having sex or masturbating, if I don't start carefully that is; this might be because my brain is still used to the feeling of wanting to ejac every time Im receiving pleasure I guess, I guess 66days is not enough to fully condition your brain and that's what I wanted. In other words, the routine was successful , the fact that I can fuck for 10min+ with normal speed while varying my strokes is quite okay, but I want more; so while you guys are still going through the training I have some key points for you that will make this routine better , keypoints that would've been very useful to me if i'd thought about them since the beginning:

1- Get used to masturbating at a fast pace, so don't always go slow, you have to learn to vary your speed sometimes so you can get used to different types of stimulations, I mean, while staying away from ponr , I recommend you to go fast for like 5 to 10 secs or longer if you can every once in a while so eventually you can incorporate that during sex. I'm giving you this advice because every time my sex buddy would tell me to go harder, I couldn't go for longer than 10secs, I was able to last for a long period at normal pace but as soon as I go fast I was done.

2- Get used to different tightness , if you're using your hands, use a firmer grip from time to time or if you're using a sex toy, tighten your grip too. Keyword is "firmer" not "choke the blood of your penis" lol; for example , use a light grip for 4 min and then tighten your grip for 2 min and then alternate until you reach your 15min. This advice is good because sometimes in some sex positions that thing was tighter than normal therefore it'd be very stimulating to me.

3- Get used to different sex positions, because there are some positions if you're not used to doing them you won't be able to relax/feel the involuntary kegels/last a long time and you will get closer to ponr sooner than you planned believe me.

4- And also, guys, only do hard RKs when you feel like you're getting too aroused and you want to bring your arousal down, stop all stimulations when doing a hard RKs and don't do them while being stimulated; while being stimulated you should only be breathing deeply and keeping your body relaxed . Many guys thought that I said that you should always be doing hard RK while being stimulated, that'd be too exhausting. Its probably my fault for not explaining it better, so my advice if to sync your breathing to the RKs so if becomes second nature to you to do a light RK each time you breath-in and to relax it with every breath-out. Learn to sync your breathing to your RK outside of the bedroom so that memory muscle can take over every time your breath deeply when being stimulated.

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