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My friend blew me today an I'm not sure how to take it?

  We were hanging out at my place after school playing smash on her switch (bit ironic) when she offereds to blow me. I thought it was a joke, tongue and cheek, bit of dirty humor nothing to crazy. I said sure joking not really expecting much. Once the battle finishes I'm just sitting there angry how she zero to deathed me when she walks over and puts her hand on my lap. She then asked if I was ready, I didn't know what she was talking about so I asked. She responded saying she was gonna blow me. I took it as a joke again, then she reached into my shorts and it kinda went from there. I haven't talked to her in like 5 hours and I haven't really had much time to process it. I feel like this is an obvious hint of she's into me but at the same time idk if she just wants to be closer as friends More articles: Beginner's Guide to Working Out I worked out what is causing my PE, how should I go about improving it? How to Avoid Lifting Weights Many Things Wrong Mom walke

Beginner's Guide to Working Out

  As a personal trainer, I wanted to take the time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions by people who are new to working out. Feel free to let me know if I've missed anything! How do I lose weight? It’s actually way simpler than you might think: maintain a caloric deficit. Consume fewer calories than you burn. It doesn’t matter of you’re morbidly obese or you’re cutting for a show, this basic principal still applies. Note that eating a healthy diet makes this  far  easier - lots of fruits, veggies, lean protein and water will help you stay satiated for far fewer calories than fatty junk foods (not to mention you’ll have way more energy, and just feel better). To find out how many calories you should be eating in a day to lose weight, you have a few different options. The first is to determine your maintenance calories with an online calculator, then subtract 250-500 per day from that (to lose about 0.5-1lbs per week). The other option (my personal favourite, becaus

I worked out what is causing my PE, how should I go about improving it?

 So about 3 weeks ago I had my first instance of PE, it was really humiliating and distressing as I didn’t know why it was happening and I finished almost instantly after penetration. Normally when I would have sex I would ejaculate once before penetration so I could last longer, but that stopped working which really freaked me out. Now I believe I’ve worked out what’s causing my PE, and I think it’s something to do with the tightness of my pelvic floor and arousal levels. Because every time that I have finished prematurely is because I’ve had involuntary kegel. I have been extremely stressed lately and I’m not sure if that could also play a part in ejaculating early. The last couple days I have had sex with my girlfriend and it went great, the first time I did finish during foreplay, but then I could control myself during penetration, which I couldn’t do for the last couple weeks, and yesterday I had sex for the first time where I didn’t finish in foreplay and could control myself dur

I have questions regarding sexual intimacy

  I just had a first oubreak in my late 20s. Most likely got it as a kid, which sucks. Virgin, never had any kind of sexual interaction. Doctor perscribed acyclovir cream and to continue taking my vitamins. Outbreak was caused by extreme stress + anxiety + fatigue + lack of eating. Told my LD boyfriend the moment I saw it under my lip. We've been talking a lot about it and I have some concerns since he doesn't have it and I want to protect him from it. I'm supposed to meet him in 10 days. Obviously, kissing is out of the question. My doctor told me that there's a chance it might heal until then, but that it depends on the person, their immunity etc. I know that it is in its most contagious phase rn (blisters opened and are flat now), so I don't think it's a good idea to kiss him even if it visibly goes away 10 days from now. I only have it right under my mouth, so here's what I want to know: Is regular penetrative sex still okay? No oral from me, no kissing,