Why doesn't he have sex with me?

 I've (26F) been seeing this guy (30M) for a few weeks now, and things seem to be going great, but he will not have sex with me. We've made out, stayed over at each other places, and went on a few great dates. I've tried initiating, but he always stops it before we get any further than kissing and touching.

We met while clubbing, and the initial plan was to go back to his for a drunken one night stand. On the way there, we sat on the grass by the river, and drunkenly ended up talking about life until it was 5am and starting to get light. We went to his, and just fell asleep, which fair enough, we were exhausted and already sobering up. Next morning I'd thought we'd get down to it, but we woke up at noon, and I had plans in a few hours, so he made me some breakfast, we had a nice time and we exchanged phone numbers before I left.

He texted me that night, and we started chatting. We asked me out for food in the week, we had a good time and I genuinely started to think I like the guy, and he gave me the same impression. He drove me home and I invited him in, but it was like 11pm, and we both had work the next day so he declined. Again I thought that's fair enough.

We saw each other again on a Sunday afternoon, he came over to mine. Again he had to leave and not spend the night because of work, but we had a whole evening. I was expecting a Netflix and chill kind of evening, but we just cuddled and kissed on my sofa and nothing more. I tried to move it along, dropping subtle hints etc, but nothing else happened. I'm generally quite shy, and I've not been with many people, so I didn't feel confident outright saying to him that I wanna fuck.

Then we saw each other in the week again, and on a Friday I went out with some friends, and he was out with his friends, and we met up while out. Danced and kissed and got a bit handsy which was lots of fun. My friend got very drunk so I didn't go home with him, and instead took her home. Saw him the day after though, as he asked if me if I want to come over and be hungover together. We ordered some food in, and just chilled and cuddled again. We were both feeling pretty rough so no sex again. But I was getting really frustrated, because we kissed and cuddled in his bed, and anytime I tried to touch him or anything he would stop me, and in very subtle ways where I don't even know if I can call it him stopping me - like he would reposition himself to get more comfy, or take my hand and kiss it or something like that. So then I thought that maybe he's feeling shy, or insecure, or like he's got a micropenis and he's worried how I'd react. But that didn't really make much sense because he always seems so confident in what he's saying, etc when we flirt.

Then he texted me to go for a walk on a Tuesday evening, we go and it's cute, we're holding hands etc. He told me he wants to take me out on a proper date, which we plan for Saturday. He walked me home, and I invited him in again, and he came in, but didn't stay because of work next day again.

So yesterday we go on a date, it's genuinely probably the best date I've ever been on. We met early afternoon, had an amazing time. We joked and flirted pretty much the entire time. We went back to his and he cooked for me. I offered to do the dishes and I got splashed with water so I thought to myself 'I'll splash my self some more, and I'll basically get naked in his kitchen', can't get more obvious than that right? I got him to bring me a t-shirt to change into, and I changed right in front of him, and he didn't do anything. We sat on the sofa, and I was like right, fuck this... I've been horny for like 3 weeks now, I'll take it into my own hands. I started kissing him, I put my hands underneath his shirt, I straddled him, and we were making out for ages. He's definitely not shy and he knows what he's doing, the things he was saying to me while we kissed, and where he put his hands and the way he touched me with so much confidence... He's also definitely not ashamed of his size because I felt it under his shorts while I was on top of him, nothing to be ashamed of. Anyway whenever I tried to undress him, or touch him, or move things along, he'd just start kissing me more. I asked 'shall we go to the bedroom' and he literally just shushed me and kissed my neck instead of going to the bedroom. Then he asked if I want some wine, and we had some and that was that. I saw the stain I left on his shorts where I soaked through my underwear, and I know he saw it too...

Then we went to bed, and we cuddled, and again he had his hands under my t-shirt, on my thighs and my belly and everywhere else except the places it mattered... Every time he touched me, I'd get chills and I'm sure he noticed. He honestly drives me crazy, he says extremely suggestive things to me, he squeezes my thighs, puts his hand on my neck while he kisses my ear and whispers shit to me. And then doesn't follow through with anything, and I don't know why.

I'm typing this from his place, he's having a shower. I don't know what to do, how do I get this man to just fuck me?

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