My men is taking away his stress on me throughout sex

My boyfriend is a kind and caring person. However recently, he went through some personality changes which I believe is related to his stress due to family problems and affected him sexually as well. He left his home to live in his own apartment and he also works as a tutor which pays barely enough for him to survive so these days he’s under a lot of stress as his family doesn't give him any financial aid.

As a girlfriend, I just wanted to be there for him and since he wont let me support him financially, sometimes I’d go hangout at his apartment and we’d just play video games together and have sex so maybe he feels a bit happier with me around.

Usually he’s very gentle and not too confident in himself but lately, he is getting more confident and controlling in the bedroom. For example I noticed some small changes like he started pushing my head down while I'm blowing him, lightly choking my neck, putting his hands over my mouth. In short, he started getting rough with me during sex .

I’m fine with everything since he asked me if it's okay for him to be a more rough before

sex, in fact I do enjoy it as well but just surprised that he’s changed so suddenly. Im wondering if its because hes stressed out or he’s into these play from the start. How did he got so confident?   Rotating Vibrating Masturbator for Men


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