I caught my daughter and her boyfriend having sex and I think I did a good job at *NOT* being the stereotypical, obsessed-with-my-daughter’s-vagina dad

 So.. School was canceled today because of the weather. My daughter is 17 and she’s a senior. Her boyfriend is like 17 or 18 I’m pretty sure and he’s also a senior. My daughter has anxiety and when she was 13, we built a treehouse for her. Only she goes in it. It’s her space to cool down or be alone, especially since we have 4 younger kids and at her age she wants privacy. 

Two hours ago I was looking for my daughter because she wasn’t in the house. Usually she texts me if she’s in the treehouse but I didn’t get a text so I was worried. So I went out to our backyard and started approaching the tree house. I get halfway up the stairs and see her and her boyfriend going at it. I walked back down but yelled up to them. It got awkwardly silent and then I heard a lot of movement- i assume they were putting their clothes back on. They came out and the three of us stood there awkwardly. I told her boyfriend I liked his hair. He said thanks. I nodded. He nodded. We looked away awkwardly. I asked them if they were using a condom. They said yes. I said “Good, now go home or come inside, how are y’all even ignoring this weather?” After that we went inside. I kept my distance from them because I am temporarily traumatized. (But to be fair, my wife and I caused our daughter to feel the same way a couple months ago when she walked in on us. So I guess it’s equal now)

I grew up in a home where girls were treated differently from boys. Girls got stricter rules and got punished for the same thing boys did. I saw how my dad treated my sister vs how he treated me and it made my sister resent him. I decided that I’d be opposite with my girls. I also know that teenagers will have sex regardless of how you feel about it, so it’s better to make sure they are safe rather in the forest somewhere with no protection. But... I still need a drink lol. I guess the next step is asking my daughter if she wants to go on birth control? Or just another safe sex talk??

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