(few) girls really do tell their friends about their sex lives.

 I (30 M) have been dating this amazing girl (31F) for 5 months. It’s embarrassing to admit but I have a micro penis, it’s just shy of 3” when hard.

My self esteem and confidence related to my penis have really impacted my dating life, my current gf is only the 2nd sexual partner I have had.

After dating a couple weeks I told her I wanted to take it slow, she agreed. Last week I told her I had a small penis and that’s why I wanted to take it slow, she told me she didn’t care about the size of my penis, but we’ll go at what ever pace I’m comfortable at.

On the weekend we had Sex for the first time, I went down on her until she came, then she gave me a bit of a blow job and told me she wanted to ride me. So I laid down and she did, she alternated between riding me and just grinding on me, she really seemed to enjoy the grinding. I really liked it too and came.

The next morning I was in the shower, when I came out she was on the phone with her Bff, I have met her. And they were talking about sex. My heart sank, I was just waiting for her to tell her friend all about how small I am.

That didn’t happen. She told her that we had finally had sex, she used the word ‘amazing’ to describe it. She told her I was amazing at oral and said “and you know how I feel about oral” (she also told me how she feels about oral and that it’s really important to her) she also told her friend it was the first time she had had an orgasm during a ‘first time’ not once did she mention my small size, she didn’t give away any real intimate details, she just told her how much she enjoyed it.

I was always scared that any girl I dated would share with her friends my lack of endowment, but I guess I didn’t have to.

Some girls do talk, but that’s okay.

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